Aarnav Tale

Hey! I'm Aarnav, a software engineer from Northern Virginia, United States.
I specialize in building out systems with high-reliability requirements.

Currently I'm studying Computer Science at George Mason University, for a Bachelor of Science degree. You may also see me jumping around the various public and personal projects I'm constantly working on to improve and build new features.

I've also recently picked up writing. Combined with my interest in politics and policy, I'm trying to use writing as a way to express both sides of political issues. I'm also rediscovering my love for debate, utilizing my speaking skills in various ways.

Current Projects

I'm always utilizing my skillset across a handful of projects at once. I've even created products with teams of developers from around the world. My most notable projects are listed below.


Scalable search engine for packages on Debian/APT repositories.


External payment platform for iOS developers to monetize their products.


Command line tool to manage application icons on macOS.


A GitHub Action allowing you to manage a K8s cluster from the command line.


Let's a user view song lyrics from any music app on their iPhone lock screen.


A replacement for homebrew on macOS that performs 10x faster.

Click this link to view my GPG key.