Hey! I'm Aarnav, a software engineer from Northern Virginia, United States.
I specialize in building out enterprise systems with high-reliability requirements.

Currently I'm studying Computer Science at George Mason University, for a Bachelor of Science degree. You may also see me jumping around the various public and personal projects I'm constantly working on to improve and build new features.

I value simplicity and efficiency in both my code and my life. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my workflow and make my life easier. Away from the computer, I enjoy reading, exercising, and attending social events.

Public Projects


High speed search engine and analytics aggregator for iOS APT repositories.


A GitHub Action to interact with Kubernetes clusters via kubectl.


A nifty command-line tool to automatically set custom icons for macOS apps.


GPU accelerated state-machine terminal emulator for macOS.


A drop-in replacement for homebrew on macOS that runs up to 100x faster.


Enabling developers to easily distribute and sell their software worldwide.