Aarnav Tale



@Chariz — 2021 - Present

Using Kubernetes and containerization, I attained the responsibility of migrating our systems to containers. I am responsible for deploying changes to our new infrastructure, managing the health of our clusters, and maintaining reliability on services accessed by users.

Computer Science Student

@George Mason University — 2022 - 2026

I'm currently studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Software Engineering (SWE). I also participate in various debate and writing related student organizations on campus.

Competitive Skier

@Vail Ski — 2016 - Present

I'm a competitive skier and I've been participating in many different activities throughout my life. While it isn't something I focus on too much these days, opting for more casual skiing, I still practice and train with a competitive mindset. It's also a great stress reliever.


I use a vast range of tools and technologies to build efficient, reliable systems and services. As a follower of cloud native computing, I've embraced containerization, microservices, high availability, and Kubernetes.

Here are the technologies in which I express the highest proficiency. Some of these are paired with certifications I've earned from Linux Foundation and CNCF, while the others show my skill level.


JSNAD Certification

Docker (+Compose)


React (+Router)




Additionally, I've worked with a variety of technologies, libraries, and programming languages. I'm constantly learning new things, some of which may replace the technologies below.

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