Aarnav Tale


Software Engineer @ Chariz

2021 - Present

I'm a software engineer at Chariz, a startup that's building a platform for iOS developers to monetize their products. I'm currently working on the backend of the platform, building out features to provide the best experience for our users.

University Student @ George Mason University

2022 - Present

I'm a full-time student at George Mason University, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Software Engineering. I'm also taking courses to further my interest in architecture and calligraphy/typography.


I use a vast range of tools and technologies to build efficient, reliable systems and services. As a follower of cloud native computing, I've embraced containerization, microservices, high availability, and Kubernetes.


2 years of experience running a bare-metal cluster with high availability to host my own services.

TypeScript (Node.js)

6 years of experience, utilizing many different libraries like Express, Passport, and Prisma.

Docker (Compose)

3 years of experience and widespread usage of Docker Compose for development environments.


4 years of experience, using many popular frameworks like Next.js, Chakra UI, and Tailwind CSS.

Swift & Objective-C

3 years of iOS development experience, including building runtime modification tweaks like Lyricify.


6 months of experience, learning the language and recently switched Canister to Rust from Node.js.

These are some of the technologies I've interacted with before, but not necessarily in-depth. They're generally ordered in terms of how well-versed I am in each of them.

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